Air Micrometer Gauge

Air gauge or also called Air Micrometer Gauge is a precision non-destructive comparator in which the rate of escape of air between the surface under test (as that of a gun bore) and one of known curvature nearly fitting it (as that of a spindle inserted in the bore) is used as a measure of the difference between the two.

Most of industrial products are completed through assembling many individual parts. In order for a machine to function properly and smoothly and have endurance, each part needs to be finished with predetermined dimensions. Gauges such as Air Micrometer with a quick Go – No Go determination are what are used to inspect the final dimensions and have the feature that anyone can easily, promptly and accurately conduct inspections with them.

Thanks to the improvement of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) in process manufacturing, there is a large variety of work to be measured with Go – No Go gauges, especially screw products are very common and most of them are delivered to industrial sites after being inspected with limit gauges and Air Micrometer Gauges.


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