Our VALUED Friends

We are happy to work with forward-thinking companies and pioneering individuals that are hungry for sustainable growth. Indonesia is our home turf, and ASEAN is our yard. Operated as a division of PT. Indonesia Surya Sejahtera, METALEXTRA’s business are comprised of improvised solution where precision does matter


Finding a highly efficient supplier requires many consideration. At Metalextra, we are confident with our offering and the innovators who made them. We have extensive experience in testing & using their products in our previous and current projects as well. All the brands and respective logos that are shown here belongs to the respected copyright owners.

Quality products should be aligned with the product knowledge on how to use them properly. Having the right supplier network with value added expertise is almost as important as having a wide customer network. At METALEXTRA, we consider three important characteristics that a vendor should have;

1. Mutual interest in mind.

Too many times suppliers put profit over what their customer really needs. The best vendor should know that satisfying the customer’s needs is the basis for a healthy, profitable and mutual relationship on all sides.

2. Value added service.

Supplier that are savvy and responsible, can help you in scaling up your business. Each product that we deliver may include product knowledge thru our media channel and exclusive ad hoc training whenever requested. Whether you need to quote within a timeframe, have a new project or certain problem with your machine, a dependable service is key to keep your business productive.

3. Consistency at reasonable price.

We understand that finding a vendor that can supply quality tools at a decent price is a unique key in any business. Your supplier network determines how quickly you can turn around a job at competitive pricing, a decisive factor that can make or break your business!

Our Prominent Friends

Our team of professional has  accumulated years of experience in various industrial segments from; Dies & mould, Surface mounted PCBA, Industrial automation application, Semiconductor, Renewable energy, Oleochemicals, Fast Craft Shipyard, Sub-sea Marine engineering, and Defense & Security contractors.

Thanks to the patronage of our dear friends, we grow at sustainable pace. At Metalextra, we support comprehensive line of industrial solution that ensure both reliability and credibility of operation, directly and indirectly to the following end users:

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