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Solenoid valves are the most frequently used control elements in fluidics. The valves functioned to shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good medium compatibility of the materials used, low control power and compact design. Solenoid valves are used in fluid power pneumatic and hydraulic systems, to control cylinders, fluid power motors or larger industrial valves. Automatic irrigation sprinkler systems also use solenoid valves with an automatic controller. Domestic washing machines and dishwashers use solenoid valves to control water entry into the machine. They are also often used in paintball gun triggers to actuate the CO2 hammer valve.

The SMC’s directional control pneumatic solenoid valves and manifolds feature low power consumption, high flow rates, quick response times and clean aesthetic designs. SMC solenoid valves are used extensively in the semi conductor, automotive, packaging, medical, specialty machine, and machine tool industries. Whatever your application is, we have a dependable solenoid valve series that will accommodate your most demanding application.

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