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Kennametal corporation is the leader in the metalworking industry and remains headquartered in Latrobe. Founded in 1938 by Philip M. McKenna in the Latrobe, Pennsylvania area United States of America. Kennametal is renowned as the top tier of industrial solutions that can be afforded by the masses.

Metallurgist Philip M. McKenna innovate a tungsten-titanium carbide alloy for cutting tools that provided a productivity in the machining of steel. “Kennametal®” tools cut faster and lasted longer, and thereby facilitated metalworking in products from automobiles to airliners to machinery. McKenna Metal’s first full-year sales, with a staff of 12 employees, totaled some $30,000. But World War II saw American heavy industry shift into high gear. Kennametal’s annual sales approached $10 million and employment was nearly 900 as the company’s tools were used extensively in the war-time economy. When the wartime boom ended, Kennametal sought new ways to exploit the toughness and wear resistance of tungsten carbide alloys.

In the mid-1940s, the company pioneered the use of carbide tooling for mining, which led to the development of the continuous mining machine. Kennametal also found uses for tungsten carbide in demanding specialty applications where resistance to wear was vital, such as in valves, dies, drill bits and snowplow blades, disks, fuel control systems, and landing gear for the aerospace industry, Machine tools: Machining centers, turning centers (CNC lathes), automatic lathes (screw machines).

Tooling for machine tools: Indexable tool-holders, collets, fixtures, cutting tools (via WIDIA Products Group, a consolidation of various brands in this industry): inserts, tool bits, milling cutters, taps and dies, metal sawing cutters and tooling, Mining equipment, Abrasives and flow control for the oil industry, Generating equipment for electric power plants, Fluids for the paper industry, Wheels and axles for rail transport, Custom engineering. When you buy Kennametal products, you are buying the ultimate and competitive cutting tool.

You can find Kennametal qualities by their manufacturing prowess in Germany, the USA, Brazil, and India. Match the most expansive portfolio of precision-engineered cutting tools that will duit your machining standards that only comes from Kennametal delivered by METALEXTRA. Drop your enquiries at today!

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